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FAQUNDO Gonzalez and Gaviño de ño_


EmCee, songwriter and entrepreneur who has been making a name for himself

both in his home country, the Dominican Republic, as well as in Spain and now in the United Kingdom,

where he has resumed his musical career and is reaping great achievements.


Bounce es un ego-tripping al más alto nivel, escrito por Radhames Medina Nuñez y

presentado desde su personaje artístico principal conocido como FAQUNDO Gonzalez.

Para escuchar Bounce ve a tu plataforma favorita haciendo click aqui:

FAQUNDO González nominated as Best Latin American Artist

at the Latin American Awards 2024, by LA United UK, which will take place on February 17, 2024,

at the prestigious Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.


2023 continues to bring surprises for Radhames Medina Nuñez, who is better known

by his stage name FAQUNDO Gonzalez, was nominated for the 2023 RBE Awards in London, UK.

The Dominican EmCee competed in two categories "Best Male Artist" and "Best Latin Act/Reggaeton",

Of these two it won as "Best Latin Act/Reggaeton", this thanks to its staging and impact on the events

held by Real Business Entertainment Ltd and other promoting companies in Greater London, throughout this year.

The awards ceremony took place on November 10 at the incredible Wonderville Theater in Picadilly, London.


Saturday, August 5, 2023, FAQUNDO Gonzalez participates for the 3rd. time at Latino Life In The Park,

Held in the popular Walpole Park in West London, England.


On Friday, June 30, 2023 FAQUNDO Gonzalez with Dj Aliu, returned to 02 Academy2 Islington,

This time as part of the multicultural lineup of the RBE Music Showcase


On June 21, 2023, it came with the pleasant surprise that Ei Finai was part of the playlist of the radio program Cult Vault,

hosted by Femme Fatene, which is broadcast through Reform Radio from Manchester, UK.

On Sunday, June 11, 202, FAQUNDO Gonzalez was one of the Urban Troubadours who

participated in the renowned Lambeth Contry Show Fest in its 2023 edition

3 Singles released in the same month? Yes Sir!

On March 17, 24 and 31 respectively, FAQUNDO Gonzalez and Quality Entertainment UK dared to

to release 3 songs, in 3 different rhythms and with 3 different concepts...

Como lo montro e maico yaso , tiempo pa ft. Lici Melody and Ei Finai ft. Mary.

On March 8, 2023, he saw one of London's most impactful collaborative showcases: LRS TAKEOVER (LDNRBS + TLSR)

Held at the popular BoxPark Wembley, The Latino Shade Room invites FAQUNDO Gonzalez and

your Tum Tu Ku Ta as part of your contribution and safe bet for the event.

March 5, 2023, LA VUELTA took place at the mythical Hootananny Brixton, an event in which FAQUNDO Gonzalez toasted

20 minutes of active musical entertainment and staging for a unique audience like LA VUELTA LDN.

The 1st. February 2023 came with the surprising and pleasant mention by Redimi2.,

Willy Gonzalez Cruz (real name) lists FAQUNDO Gonzalez among his favourites, highlighting him among the

the best EmCees in the DR, this while the Christian rapper was interviewed in the world-famous

Puerto Rico show Mollusco TV.

On January 20, 2023, Colombian singer and writer Chriss Ross made public

his new album "Desde UK Con Amor" which consists of 7 tracks, of which number 3 is "Guayabo"

produced by El Genialista, which also has the explosive participation of FAQUNDO González and Tatto RD.

On January 17, 2023, he is the special guest on one of the most current and growing IG Lives of the Latino community in the U.S.

and Latin America "DAME TU TOP 5" which is produced and hosted by the Sneakerheads:

Garnett East, Soleindis, Gvenchy and Wilo.

An interview full of reality and energy around life, music and of course Sneakers.


El Radha has started 2023 in the best possible way: "Ron & Coca Cola" has an official video

and was published on January 6 through Tatto RD's YouTube channel: Watch video here



In September 2022, the artist and entrepreneur announces a new venture "OurMusicKey"

Together with Chestopher Pina (Gvenchy), Yunior Luciano (Junito Wen) they found the first independent music distributor:

Conceived, directed and managed by Dominicans.

In August 2022, specifically on Saturday the 20th, it has been his second consecutive year, as

one of the main exponents on the "Candela Stage" stage of the new born record label Candela Records UK.,

at the Latino Life In The Park festival (2001/2022) in its fifth and sixth editions respectively,

held in North London in the well-known Finsbury Park.

At the beginning of August, the 6th, also in 2022 he was part of the Latin artists residing in London,

invited as a support act (Video Here) for the concert of the Dominican Dembow superstar,

known as Chímbala, an event that took place in the imposing Indigo room of The O2.

And that it was produced by the nascent and up-and-coming events company...

Unique Fusion Style Entertainment "UFS Entertainment".


In April 2022, FAQUNDO González together with Tatto Rd and Trizzy Santos, and with musical and engineering production by El Genialista managed to create and publish Ron & Coca Cola, a song with Merengue essence combined with electronic sounds that is capturing the attention of thousands and that is beginning to be catalogued as a hit.

FAQUNDO has also participated in the two most recent editions of the LOLAMC (London Latin Music Conference 2020-2022).




Also in 2021 he performed in the electrifying show case "Homegrown Cypher" in conjunction with Guala, Angelo Flow and Esko, which was presented by the living legend of the British Rap scene J Spades, all produced and promoted by Latino Life, one of the most important Latin media and events companies in Great Britain.

In 2021 he released Tum Tu Ku Ta, a single to the rhythm of Afrobeat,

which at the time of writing has more than 200K plays on Spotify alone. Tum Tu Ku Ta was recorded, edited and mixed by

Joshua "Gamz" Donkor at the renowned No Stars Studios and mastered by

the multi-talented Dukus at the Lodge Studios.


Radhamés Medina Núñez, is a Dominican EmCee, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur,

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on October 5, 1978, 

better known by his stage name FAQUNDO Gonzalez.

He enjoys wide respect as a lyricist, inside and outside the Hip-Hop culture and movement of the D.R. and

several Spanish-speaking countries. This is thanks to its objectivity when it comes to

addressing cultural, social and political issues.

FAQUNDO Gonzalez possesses a genuine fluency, which he delivers through his versatility of writing and

interpretation, which allows you to discover the most creative of its musicality.

In addition, his stage presence is contagious and does not go unnoticed...

For this and more, it is recognized as one of the Top Tiers of Quisqueya.

El Radha (As those close to him call him) was founder, artist, executive producer and recording technician

of the legendary hip-hop collective in DR "Cooperativa Empresarial Lo Correcto",

which started with the innovative group Junta De Vecinos

made up of Chaco Platónico, Nativo Prometeo, Facundo Gonzalez and Dj Will (RIP).


Together with JDV and Lo Correcto, he has performed on the most recognized stages in the Dominican Republic,

including; Salón La Fiesta Hotel Jaragua, Palacio de los Deportes, Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo, Quisqueya Stadium,

Ravelo Hall of the National Theater, Casa del Teatro, Cultural Center of Spain,

Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, etc.


It is worth mentioning the staging as a counterpart to great international artists such as:

Ja Rule (USA), Violadores del Verso (España), RaekWon The Chef (USA), Tego Calderon (Puerto Rico), Arianna Puello (España).

Also being interviewed by important media outlets in Dominican Republic,

United States, Europe and Latin America.


He has also collaborated with Dominican and international artists such as:

R.D.: Cirujano Nocturno (RIP)., Beethoven Villaman, Toxic Crow, Esar Simo, Kashmir Jones, Vakero,

Sin Fin, Lápiz Conciente, The Real MPK, NADIEChimbala, among others.

Int .: Jota Mayuscula RIP (España), Iyhon Secuaz (Colombia), Mike Kalle (UK-Col.), RuenB (España),

Keoz Hispano (Col.), Salah Edin y Cilvaringz (USA-EU), Superanfor (Colombia), Dj Keal (Esp.),

 JBeat (Colombia), Guerrilla Republik Spain (España) and many more.

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